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We are a young company focused on the design, implementation and maintenance of specialised hardware and software solutions.

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Symfony certified developers and a new website

Most of our projects are built on top of one of the most commonly known PHP frameworks: Symfony. Symfony allows developers to become a certified developer: partly to financially support the open source project, but mostly to provide a quality mark for professional developers. We're happy to announc…

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Fruit tree adopted on Kennispark

Today we have planted our adopted fruit tree along the Innovation Path on Kennispark Twente. Together with the area director Anne-Wil Lucas and Enschede alderwoman June Nods we took the shovel in hand to give our tree a solid foundation. Our tree is one of the 26 trees planted…

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Living Textbook official release

One of our projects in which we have invested quite some time (The Living Textbook), will be officially launched next week in a free interactive online seminar! More information about the project can be found on our website, but also on the ITC website.

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5 year anniversary!

2020 has been a special year, for Drenso as well. Today we can celebrate our 5 year anniversary! Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to celebrate it with a party, so we use this message to memorise this moment. We would like to thank all our customers over the past 5 years as this would not…

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Recent projects

Create Tomorrow Backend

Create Tomorrow is an annual event organised by a committee of the Student Union: the event is the world's largest student think thank, bringing students together with the business community to…

STORES Administration Program (SAP)

Until recently, STORES (Scintilla's Trading Organisation for Reduced priced Electronics and Study needs) used a sales program that would only work on a Windows XP machine, which has been out of suppo…

Symfony OIDC authentication

At Drenso we believe in the power of open source software and the community that supports it: that is why we actively make time to contribute to the open source community ourselves. Our latest…

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