MESA+ NanoLab migrated to NIS!

5 July 2023

Starting July 1st the last partner MESA+ has migrated to the new NanoLabNL Information System (NIS), an application that is being developed by us for the NanoLabNL partnership. This migration had other challenges compared to earlier migrations of the other partners, mostly related to the integrations with other, existing systems within MESA+ and the University of Twente (for example to register the exact cleanroom usage and its equipment). With this migration finished without issues, MESA+ can now easily share its equipment with the other partners - and vice versa!

We are excited to have finished the migration of the final NanolabNL partner, but it doesn't mean we're done with the NIS-project. In the coming period we will be adding several new features and support all six partners in their usage of NIS!