Bob van de Vijver

Symfony 5 Advanced Level

After my graduation from the University of Twente at the end of August 2016, I started working as a software developer at various companies with different functions, in addition to my work at Drenso. Since the start of 2020 I stopped with my other functions, in order to be able to work full-time for Drenso. Before starting the company I was already thinking about it for quite some time, mainly because I saw a lot of possibilities during my study. Unfortunately I also saw those possibilities not being fully realised due to several reasons, but mostly because too much money was spent on adopting already existing, but far from complete solutions. That is something I aim to solve with Drenso!

I started the development of the Kick-In solution quite early during my studies, something that actually suited me right away. That is caused by the fact that the freedom and the possibilities of the project are virtually limitless, something that continues to appeal to me even still. Freedom and possibilities are the main aspects I want to represent with Drenso: by investigating the requirements together with the customer, I aim to arrive at the perfect solution which can be supported for a long time, with both maintenance and the addition of new functionality!


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