Living Textbook

1 December 2017

For the ITC faculty of the University of Twente, we have taken up an existing project to realise an improved experience for the users. This project is called The Living Textbook, which is used a dynamic study material: it graphically links different concepts with each other based on their conceptual relations and at the same time offers access to information pages on the corresponding wiki. The graphical representation "lives" (hence the term living) and offers various possibilities to explore the concepts and their relations, with the ultimate aim of conveying the study material in a more concise way to the student.

The system is realised with the latest HTML5 techniques and is based on the original project of the faculty. We have extensively analysed the system and, in consultation with the ITC, largely rewritten the system, which drastically improved the performance of the graphical representation, while opening up the possibility to implement new features.

The ITC is now working on a follow-up project on this concept, in which the Living Textbook plays a central role. More dynamic options are being considered, such as dynamically updating the map which is unfortunately not possible at this time.


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