Living Textbook V2

1 September 2018

After the successful completion of the first Living Textbook project, there were still plenty of ideas to further expand and improve the application, in order to increase the usability within educational context. Version 2 of the Living Textbook mainly focuses on merging the existing combination of 3 separate applications into a single solution, in order to have all information available at a central point (and to be able to edit it easily).

The basic idea of the Living Textbook is still the same: it offers dynamic study material. It graphically links different concepts with each other based on their conceptual relations and at the same time offers access to information pages on the corresponding wiki. The graphical representation "lives" (hence the term living) and offers various possibilities to explore the concepts and their relations, with the ultimate aim of conveying the study material in a more concise way to the student.

More information about the tool and its use can be found on the ITC website.


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